What is in a halogen lamp?

Answer Halogen lamps last longer than traditional light bulbs because of the halogen gases used inside them, which protect the filament. Halogen lamps are commonly used as vehicle headlights as well as in... Read More »

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What is a halogen lamp?

Though the electric light bulb has been around for more than a century, many technologies have gone into its design. One of these designs uses the properties of halogen gases to provide a brighter ... Read More »

How to Repair Your Halogen Lamp?

How many Halogen lamps do you have kicking around your house? How many bulbs have you bought, only to find that new bulbs didn't fix the problem?

Who invented the halogen lamp?

Elmer Fridrich and Emmett Wiley invented the halogen lamp in 1959; their invention was called a tungsten halogen lamp. In 1960 an engineer at General Electric named Fredrick Moby invented an improv... Read More »

How to Replace a Halogen Lamp Bulb?

Halogen lamps are extremely bright sources of light, and they're often used in floor lamps, pool lights and vehicle headlights. However, like all light bulbs, even halogens will eventually go out. ... Read More »