Does a chai tea latte at starbucks have shots in it?

Answer No, it's made with half milk, and half chai tea The chai tea at Starbucks is made from a concentrate mixed with water. When it is mixed with water, it is generally much weaker than other chai tea ... Read More »

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Iced Vanilla Latte from Starbucks?

The Iced Vanilla Latte has a stronger coffee-like taste than the Mocha Cookie Crumble. Personally, I find it a lot less sweet. The Mocha Cookie has a dessert taste that the Iced Vanilla doesn't rea... Read More »

I ordered a butterscotch latte from Starbucks, but it contained neither butter nor scotch. Should I complain?

When one is married to the most insufferable, nagging, battle axe on the planet, one learns to carry his own Scotch.

How to Make an Iced Green Tea Latte?

Matcha is a high quality, fine powdered Japanese tea. Aside from creating a traditional hot tea drink, it is also commonly found in cakes, mochi, and puddings. This simple green tea drink can be so... Read More »

Can you ask for decaffeinated green tea at Starbucks?

they don't carry decaf green tea. If you want no caffeine, get an herbal tea like chamomile or rooibos.