How to Take Care of a Grasshopper?

Answer As you see, grasshoppers eat leaves and they seem to be so friendly and easy to take care of but you may be wrong. Without sufficient food, grasshoppers may fight each other and feast on other gras... Read More »

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What does a grasshopper use for respiration?

A grasshopper breathes through small circular holes in the side of its abdomen called spiracles. The spiracles deliver oxygen directly to its tracheal system. Its abdomen is made up of ring-like se... Read More »

How to Tame a Grasshopper?

Have you ever had a pet grasshopper? When you picked it up did it hop away? Well read this article and you won't even need a cage!

How to Feed a Grasshopper?

If you don't know how to feed your grasshopper, or don't know what it eats, look at these tips!

How to Catch a Grasshopper?

This is the appearance of a typical grasshopper, although the colour will vary in different species.Ever tried catching a grasshopper? Anyone who has tried will know that they are quick, and can be... Read More »