What is in a cubic meter?

Answer A cubic meter, which is a measure of volume, consists of a million cubic centimeters, 1,000 liters or a million milliliters. Converted to English measurements, a cubic meter equals 35.31 cubic feet... Read More »

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How to Convert Megajoules Per Cubic Meter to BTU Per Cubic Foot?

Though most scientific applications use the metric system, heating and cooling systems often use BTUs, or British Thermal Units, or megajoules, a unit of energy equaling 1 million joules. Learn to ... Read More »

How many cubic yards are in a cubic meter?

A cubic yard or cubic meter is a unit of volume as for gravel or fill dirt. A cubic meter equals 1.3 cubic yards or 35.3 cubic feet. To convert cubic yards to cubic meters use the following equati... Read More »

How many cubic inches are in a cubic meter?

There are approximately 61,023.74 cubic inches in one cubic meter. Although cubic inches and cubic meters both measure volume, the two are not compatible units of measurements. Cubic inches are a U... Read More »

How many cubic feet are in one cubic meter?

There are 35.31 cubic feet in every cubic meter. If you are converting from cubic meters to cubic feet, multiply the cubic meters by 35.31 to find cubic feet. If you are converting from cubic feet ... Read More »