How to Make Sloe Gin Fizz?

Answer Sloe gin fizz is a recipe that's a firm favourite and can be found in many kitchens all over the world. So maybe it's time to introduce it to yours - and what better recipe to start with than this ... Read More »

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How to Make Sloe Gin?

Sloe gin is made using regular gin and adding some sloes. However, there is no need to buy expensive gin as the sloes will fix up any flavour mishaps! This recipe is adapted from Andy and Dave Hami... Read More »

Sloe & Apple Jelly Uses?

Sloe jelly, made from the type of small plum known as sloes, and apple jelly, made from any sort of apples, are both tasty ways to preserve the bounty of a sloe or apple tree. Whether you have a la... Read More »

What makes soft drinks fizz?

A process called carbonation gives soft drinks their festive "fizz" when opened. Tiny carbon dioxide bubbles, trapped in the liquid under high pressure, rise quickly to the surface when the contain... Read More »

What acid makes Coke fizz?

In the process of manufacturing soda, carbon dioxide gas molecules are forced into the bottle or can. The gas dissolves in the soda, with as much as 1,200 pounds per square inch of pressure, formin... Read More »