How to Throw a Hand Grenade?

Answer A soldier's main weapon is his or her rifle. But frequently the soldier will get into a situation where the rifle cannot be used effectively. Such situations often call for the use of hand grenades... Read More »

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What is in a grenade blasting cap?

A blasting cap is a type of detonator. Once activated it produces a small explosion, which triggers the larger explosion of the grenade. Modern grenades use one of two types of blasting caps. Time ... Read More »

What is an RPG-rocket propelled grenade-controlled by?

If you are talking about after its fired, its controlled by nothing. It is a fire and forget system.

What lubricant is used on the m203 grenade launcher?

What is the world's most powerful grenade launcher?

The Milkor M32 MGL could be considered the most powerful handheld grenade launcher.The United States developed the most powerful grenade launcher in history in the late 1950's as part of the progra... Read More »