How to Throw a Hand Grenade?

Answer A soldier's main weapon is his or her rifle. But frequently the soldier will get into a situation where the rifle cannot be used effectively. Such situations often call for the use of hand grenades... Read More »

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What is in a grenade blasting cap?

A blasting cap is a type of detonator. Once activated it produces a small explosion, which triggers the larger explosion of the grenade. Modern grenades use one of two types of blasting caps. Time ... Read More »

How to Draw a Grenade?

This is an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a grenade.

How to Make a Paintball Grenade?

Paint grenades fall into two basic categories: explosive, and "splatter". Explosive grenades use a small charge, usually no larger than a firecracker, to break open a paper shell and spew out the p... Read More »

How to Make a Smoke Grenade?

Whether its as a distraction or as the whole act, a smoke grenade can provide clouds of smoke at the drop of a soda can. You can add color, or keep the smoke in a musty gray, either way, here is wi... Read More »