What would Jesus Do for a Klondike Bar?

Answer God knows.

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Poll<>What would you do for a klondike bar?

anything!! then i'd make beautiful gold jewellery with it all....studded with Diamonds!! my passion in life!edit: ooh...hang Klondike a choclate bar?? i thought you were talking about ... Read More »

Cheesecake Chocolate Sundae Or Klondike Bar Which from this list do you like better?

I don't know :), all three are sooooooo goood :).So I cant choose :)

Where is the Klondike Gold Discovery Day Festival in Canada?

The Klondike festival is held in Dawson City, Yukon Territory. The event marks the celebration of the 1897-1898 Klondike gold rush. The festival, which spans several days, is held annually in Augus... Read More »

What is the time span from receiving the seasonal flu shot to the H1N1 shot vaccine?

Actually you can take them at the same time. You can not mix the vaccines in the same shot, but you can take them in separate shots at the same time. You can also take one by nasal spray and the ... Read More »