How to Prune Georgia Peach Trees?

Answer Any peach tree, regardless of its variety name, can be called a "Georgia peach" as long as it physically grows in the Empire State of the South. Pruning is an annual, late-winter task needed to tid... Read More »

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How do i care for a peach tree in georgia?

Site SelectionPlant peach trees in a spot where they'll get plenty of sun and good drainage. Amend the soil with a mixture of half quick-draining soil and half compost to give the tree good drainag... Read More »

How do I plant a Georgia peach tree?

Picking the Right TreeSelect a Georgia peach tree that is 2 to 3 years old and about 5 feet tall for best results.Prepare to PlantPlant in a location that gets six to eight hours of sun daily and ... Read More »

How do i prune a georgia peach tree?

Remove all dead, diseased, and damaged branches from the Georgia peach tree in mid-March as well as any branches growing vertical except the leader and any branches that get in the way of lawn main... Read More »

How to Make a Virgin Georgia Peach Drink?

A Virgin Georgia Peach substitutes syrup from peaches that have been canned in syrup for the peach schnapps in the traditional recipe. Orange juice replaces the orange-flavored vodka that is used i... Read More »