What is important for the health development of a new born baby?

Answer Breastfeeding plays a major factor. The baby will be a lot healthier than if it were brought up on store-bought formula. There is also a chemical in it that effects the brain of the baby, forming a... Read More »

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Why is a mother important in a new born baby's life?

the mother is important as the baby will recognize her voice from when he/she was in the womb and they are important times as the baby will start recognize who her mother and father are.

Will a baby have any health problems when born with two kidneys?

It's unusual for a someone to be born with only one kidney.... is this a serious question?

What are the health risks of a baby born to a teenage mother?

Premature birth and low birth weight are the most common ones. You can read more in the link below.

What are important issues today in regards to health care systems and health conditions?

In the Uk the lack of dental resources and poor dental standards, lack of procedures the nhs is willing to give nhs patients as compared to the past. Also the lack of private dentists and those who... Read More »