What is illegal house flipping?

Answer The term "flipping" refers to real estate that is controlled by one person or group, usually investors who have the goal of selling the property. Usually it's a single family home to another person... Read More »

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What to Look for When Flipping a House?

The allure of fast, seemingly easy money tends to draw large numbers of wannabe house flippers into booming real estate markets. Some do make a lot of money very quickly. Others find themselves ban... Read More »

How does house-flipping work?

That's why a lot of these have teams who do this. Three or four get together, often including a real estate agent (who can scout for and sell the properties) a money person (accountant, banker or ... Read More »

House Flipping Tax Information?

When a real estate investor purchases a property and rehabilitates or remodels it for resale at a later point, it is commonly referred to as "house flipping." While there can be substantial amounts... Read More »

Is flipping a house easy?

On One Hand: Flipping Is Not EasyThe house flipping market has a lot of competition, which makes it hard to find a property that is at least 30 percent below market value, which is what you will ne... Read More »