What is iframe3 and why did it download itself onto my computer?

Answer It is an old Windows Trojan.…You should probably thoroughly scan your computer to ensure it is healthy.

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Itunes. If I download an audio book to my home computer, but I sync my iphone on my work computer...?

you should be able to e-mail yourself the file...or burn it on a cd and transfer it.if you bought it from itunes, yes you can authorize a file to play on up to 5 computers.long time no see : )hope ... Read More »

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Can i download a gps to my computer?

GPS, or the Global Positioning System, is based on radio signals from satellites and requires a special radio receiver to use. As of May 2010, there is no software to make a computer act like a GP... Read More »

How to Download From a Computer to a DS?

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