What is iAmicus and what does it refer to ?

Answer Amicas is a Latin word for friends! I can either refer to our-self or to Internet. Coz its the theme for Version-2012. An all India MCA meet conducted by NIT, Trichy MCA students.

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What does 1080 i refer to?

1080 vertical lines of resolution, but the i stands for interlaced, as opposed to p which stands for progressive. The difference is that interlaced updates odd lines, then even lines alternately. ... Read More »

How to Refer to a Third Party in ASL?

How do you refer to someone outside the conversation in ASL? Fortunately, it's not only very easy, but ASL allows you to create nuance in the signing space when referring to people that spoken Engl... Read More »

What does section 18 refer to?

This refers to a portion of the Adoption and Children Act 2002 (UK) regarding placement for adoption by agencies.

Does fingerstyle only refer to guitar?

Finger style simply means using the fingers to pluck the strings instead of using a plectrum or pick, and it applies to almost every stringed instrument. The banjo, for example, can be played with... Read More »