How to Say "I Love You" in Greek?

Answer If you're planning a visit to Crete, and you want to find a way to immerse yourself in the culture, consider learning a few key phrases in Greek. Expressing an interest in the native tongue will he... Read More »

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How to Say Love in Greek?

Love is a word that people should now how to pronounce in any language.That is, because love is the one emotion that unites people. And not just loved ones! ALL the people!!! Now here's how to pron... Read More »

What is the difference between Greek style yoghurt and Greek yoghurt?

Greek yogurt is strained to take the water out. It's more protein dense. The whey will still separate if left sitting.My brand is Fage 2%

How did greek art&architecture reflect greek ideas?

Ancient Greece left behind an important body of ideological and scientific thought, as well as many works of art and architecture. From Rome to the Renaissance, the impact of Greek art and ideology... Read More »

What is the difference between romantic love and love between siblings and which type of love is more superior?

Each kind of love is different. Love between siblings is the devotion of family. You may not always like each other, but because of the blood relationship, there is no way for you to back out. Rela... Read More »