How to Treat Hyperthyroidism?

Answer To treat hyperthyroidism you must first be aware of the symptoms and then be diagnosed. Because symptoms are not always present, this disease can go untreated for many years. Several medical condit... Read More »

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What is the best possible treatment for Hyperthyroidism?

Hey,,,,,, i also follow ayurveda, i always use ayurvedic hair oils,shampoos ,soap etc.....According to ayurveda prevention is better than cureYou can ask ayurvedic experts in reg... Read More »

Is hyperthyroidism a pre existing condition?

Yes. It's a pre-existing condition. But it can be conditional. If for example you have hyperhtyroidism but was treated and it never reoccurred (you were not treated for it) for at least 6 months p... Read More »

How to Identify the Signs of Hyperthyroidism?

The thyroid gland is located in your neck. It is responsible for producing the hormone thyroxine, which your body needs for healthy metabolism. Hyperthyroidism is caused by an overproduction of the... Read More »

My Mother has hyperthyroidism how do we cure it is it deadly?

no its not deadly,don't be worry.she can eat Collard greens or cabbage instead of broccoli on a daily basis.eliminate all dairy products, shelf bread,sea and fresh water fish completely for several... Read More »