What is hypafix tape used for?

Answer Hypafix tape is a medical adhesive made of a polyester fabric backed with a thick layer of acrylic adhesive. Hypafix is affixed to a paper backing when on the roll to protect the adhesive.Apertured... Read More »

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What is hypafix tape?

Hypafix is a brand of medical tape that is used for dressing wounds. Hypafix tape is known for being a comfortable tape that allows for freedom of motion while limiting the risk of wound contaminat... Read More »

Can electrical tape be used with heat tape?

Electrical tape can be used with heat tape. When using heat tape, it is recommended that you use electrical tape instead of electrical wire to hold the heat tape in place. Be careful not to run hea... Read More »

What is magnetic tape used for?

Magnetic tape can store digital computer data in binary form--zeroes and ones--or analog data, like an audio or video cassette. Although the methods for different types of data storage are differen... Read More »

What is a tape measure used for?

A tape measure is used to measure length or distance. The tape has markings on it to denote the distance from the start of the tape to various points on the tape. Tape measure units include inches,... Read More »