What is hygiene?

Answer Hygiene refers to any practice, procedure or methodology designed to promote heath, individual healthy lifestyles and the concept of public health. Hygienic practices are parts of most aspects of l... Read More »

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About Hygiene?

In the days where basic survival was a full-time job, people were less worried about how they smelled than how they would eat. With civilization came personal grooming, and in today's society it is... Read More »

How to Tell Someone They Have Bad Hygiene?

Have you ever had a person you knew that smelled, or his or her hair was just way too nasty looking and you can't tell them because you were afraid they would be offended? Well, here is what you ca... Read More »

What Is a Hygiene Factor?

The term hygiene factor is a term widely used in the field of business management. It is related to the study of motivation and job satisfaction in the workplace. Although coined several decades ag... Read More »

How to Keep Good Hygiene?

Good HygieneKeeping good hygiene is something that many boys and girls in their teenage years want to have. We all know that when puberty occurs, your skin gets oily, you get pimples, etc. With the... Read More »