What is the purpose of the hydrostatic valve and how do you release the pressure in it and does this valve need cleaning or other regular maintenance?

Answer Answer A hydrostatic relief valve prevents your swimming pool from wanting to become a 'boat'. If the bottom of the pool is below the level of ground-water, and the pool is emptied, the pool would ... Read More »

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What is a hydrostatic skeleton?

A hydrostatic skeleton is a skeletal system usually seen in aquatic life forms. It is unique because it is not hard like a human skeletal system, which is made up of bones. It is filled with fluid,... Read More »

What Is a Hydrostatic Drive System?

Many people are familiar with hydraulic systems, but they might draw a blank when hearing the term "hydrostatic." Others conflate hydraulic systems and hydrostatic drive systems, believing there's ... Read More »

What is hydrostatic testing on fire extinguishers?

Hydrostatic testing is used to determine if a fire extinguisher has retained its integrity and functions properly. Hydrostatic tests inject high-pressure water into some components of the fire exti... Read More »

What mower decks are interchangeable with the Simplicity 5126 Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor?

Follow link to compatible mowers, there's a bunch