What is human embryo development?

Answer A typical pregnancy for a woman is 40 weeks in length, with the embryonic period being week 5 to week 10 of pregnancy.Week 5In the fifth week of pregnancy a blastocyst becomes an embryo. During thi... Read More »

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When is the nervous system most susceptible to damage by environmental factors during the development of the embryo?

What is the definition of human development?

Human development is the study of a human lifecycle from conception to death. It focuses on change that is cumulative. There are many aspects that shape human development from biological, psycholog... Read More »

How to Write a Human Development Paper?

The subject of human development is complex, varied and highly relevant to individuals' daily lives. By composing a paper on a topic within this specialization you can create a useful document that... Read More »

Development of Human Motor Control?

The development of motor controls in human infants manifests itself in two stages. Gross motor control, the ability to make large movements, such as moving an arm or leg, develops first. Fine motor... Read More »