What is hotel mode on a lcd tv?

Answer E un misterio!

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How turn Off Hotel Mode on a lg TV?

From ir remote: push MENU button for 5 seconds, type 1105 and press OK. Now you have a special menu and you can modify the settings or disable hotel mode. Same procedure for come back and modify or... Read More »

How turn Off Hotel Mode on a Samsung TV?

With the television turned off, press mute, 1, 8, 2, power on the remote. This will put you into the service menu. Be VERY careful! only change what you understand. Click down to Hotel Mode and cha... Read More »

When do you switch to Build Mode Buy Mode and Live Mode?

on your tool box there should be the options you can change it anytime. U should detail your question a little more.

What is the difference between sleep mode and hibernate mode?

Hibernate and sleep is different in both windows XP and Vista so both of them are wrong.Sleep in vista is just like stand-by mode in XP which is going to shut off the computer screen and go in to l... Read More »