What do radish seeds grow?

Answer Radish seeds grow radishes, just like apple seeds grow apple trees.

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What kind of plant is the Cherry Belle radish?

Being a radish, the Cherry Belle (Raphanus sativus) is type of root vegetable. They were first cultivated thousands of years ago in China and then made their way to ancient Greece and Egypt, where ... Read More »

What can I do with asian style pickled chili radish?

I like to drain the salty water (saline) away and then add sugar to sweeten the pickle to become a relish. You can add it to a piece of lettuce and some mint then wrap it up to eat it with spring... Read More »

What are the risks involved when planting radish seeds?

Risks? Maybe that you'll have too many radishes .;D Radishes are quick & easy . 3-4 weeks to maturity & ~99+% germination rate. As they grow , thin them so that the root has room to get larger .

What type of light do radish seeds need to grow?

Radishes and other root crops need about six hours of direct sunlight or an equivalent form of artificial light to flourish. They require an ample amount of moisture as well, and do not do well in ... Read More »