What is holiday mode on a Kitchen aid refrigerator?

Answer The holiday mode is if you have made lots of food for the holiday and it makes the food to the right coolness for reheating.

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Where can you get a manual for holiday portable refrigerator?

How do you get parts for a holiday portable outdoor refrigerator?

Update- The same units also are manufactured under the name Summit and the model is FC07 Call Summit and they have the parts 1-800-932-4267you dont, sorry buddy.

I Cannot Force My Refrigerator Into Defrost Mode?

The defrost timer in your refrigerator is located either in the control housing of the refrigerator or behind the grille on the bottom of the front of the cabinet. The defrost timer operates the de... Read More »

Do I have too many magnets on my refrigerator My toaster flew across the kitchen and just missed me.?

You need to make amends with someone or you are going to have more that the toaster fly at you.