What is a histology technician?

Answer Histology technicians assist with the analysis and interpretation of pathological tissue samples from human patients or lab animals. The job requires adequate safety training, as most histology tec... Read More »

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Histology Job Description?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the field of histology is an important part of the pathological sciences. Histology laboratories provide important diagnostic services that are necessary for the prope... Read More »

Lymphoma Histology in a Cat?

Lymphoma in felines describes a broad range of feline tumors that affect lymph cells and lymph nodes. When a pet owner first finds out that her cat has lymphoma, it can be scary. However, while som... Read More »

How to Make Histology Slides?

Histology, sometimes called microanatomy, is the study of cells and tissues to determine their functions in the human body. Since cells cannot be observed by the naked eye, histologists often use l... Read More »

How would you go about diagnosing Babesia using Histology?

Acehimself - As you probably know, Babesia is a genus of protozoa of the order Piroplasmida, named for Victor Babès (1854–1926), a Romanian bacteriologist who discovered a parasitic sporozoon in... Read More »