What is highmat audio?

Answer HighMAT audio, which is an abbreviation for high performance media access technology audio, is an audio CD format designed to increase the efficiency of access to information on the disc by changin... Read More »

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How Can I Open Files on a Highmat CD?

A Highmat CD is a special type of CD that was burned on a Windows-based computer using Highmat technology. Highmat CDs store content in such a way that it becomes easier for the user to see all of ... Read More »

What is better hdmi audio or digital optical audio?

HDMI and optical are both physical carriers for data. Whatever signal is put onto the cable or fiber will come out the other end and will be identical quality. The quality of the signal is entire... Read More »

What the differences between midi audio and digital audio?

MIDI is not audio. MIDI is a series of commands such as on, off, volume, decay, etc. MIDI controls audio, but is not audio. Digital audio is audio made out of 1's and 0's (binary code). It's a digi... Read More »

What is the difference between DTS-HD Master Audio Essential and DTS-HD Master Audio?

DTS-HD Master Audio Essential is a full Master Audio feature set for Blu-ray Disc, with the exception of the DTS ES Matrix and NEO 6 codec. The Essential encode contains the lossless 5.1 stream, b... Read More »