What is high blood sugar count?

Answer A high blood sugar count can be indicative of diabetes, but it can also be a warning signal of other diseases or conditions. According to the American Diabetes Association, high blood sugar count (... Read More »

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My blood sugar count has been high for 3 weeks now. No matter what I do, I can't get it below 320. Any ideas?

find an endocrinologist... quick !! peace and love to you and yours... good luck

600 My count has gone over 600 but i am not eating anything with high sugar count i am drinking water `?

If you are not on injectable insulin, the doctor may have to order that for you.Your blood sugar should never get that high. You are in danger of going into a diabetic coma or going temporairly bli... Read More »

Is a blood sugar count of 119 mg/dL normal?

HiI have been a diabetic for 22 years and just found this website about 3months ago. This is a great website for diabetics.

Diabetes High blood sugar / low blood sugar?

Your best bet is to get hold of a glucometer and check your blood sugar when you are feeling that way. That will erase all doubts. -------------------------------------