Which picture should be my default on MySpace?

Answer omg i hav that sweatshirt that ur wearin in picture 2!!! aeropostale right?? ya. umm, the first one.

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Which Picture Should I put as Default on Myspace?

A, definately, you look fun and yoru hair looks best from that angle! :Dxplease help me;…

Which one should I set as my default on myspace (pictures)?

The middle one :) you're dead pretty! And you look pretty old on it :) not in a bad way like. Probably like 17 I would say x

Default picture . Which one to choose ?

omg you have such a pretty face dont cover it with all that pretty hair!(:take another one and go somewhere outside so it has a pretter backgroundbut the last one that poeple like its because you h... Read More »

How do I change my default picture on facebook mobile?

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to set your pictures as a default on your profile. The only way you can do it from mobile is if you have used the picture as a default in the past using the ... Read More »