What should i eat to increase my hemoglobin my age is 29. My hemoglobin count is just 8?

Answer Should see your doctor to make sure you are healthy and if the problem is just due to a poor diet.My first thought was red meat and green vegetables. But problem can be more complicated: See link... Read More »

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Low Hemoglobin help....?

I wonder why your sister's doctor has not done anything else to find the cause in order to treat her. I think you need to take your sister to another doctor, a walk in clinic or an out-patient ser... Read More »

How Can I Get My Hemoglobin Down?

Hemoglobin is the protein in the bloodstream that carries oxygen. An individual's hemoglobin count measures his blood's oxygen-carrying capacity. Hemoglobin levels are generally considered high if ... Read More »

Hemoglobin Reactions?

Hemoglobin is a complex molecule, consisting of the globular protein globin and a central atom of iron held in a heterocyclic organic ring (a heme group). Hemoglobin gives red blood cells their cha... Read More »

Why baby have more hemoglobin?

IKnowManyThings001 on... "heavy sleeping babies"I am not 100% sure, but I think it is because they are relaxed and not trying to resist gravity weighing them down.HOPE THIS HELPS