Nuts paining like hell what Do I do?

Answer you may use tramadol, but you'll feel sleepy as hell and may not be able to work well. But then again, your pain may not let you work at all. So the decision is your. By the way, if your pain is ra... Read More »

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What the hell is 'facebook' is it like myspace?

Facebook is like MySpace but is safer and is confined to only people you definitely know. Predators don't really get anywhere on Facebook and anonymous users aren't given an inch. It's much better ... Read More »

What can be used to treat a chemical burn in the genital area Red, swollen and hurts like hell!?

Apply ice pack to the area/s. Let air dry and apply Cortaide ointment, because the cream might burn, for the inflammation.Silvadene cream is not sold over the counter nurse. You need a prescription... Read More »

My Stomach hurt like hell!!?

Go see a doctor. You might have a bowel blockage. You might have a bad case of constipation. You might have any number of things going on. Only a professional (doctor) can figure out what is goi... Read More »

I burnt myself and it hurts like hell!?

This'll sound weird, but rub toothpaste on it. It works.