What is head of household filing?

Answer The Internal Revenue Service has several different tax filing statuses than may cost you thousands if you do not choose the right one. Filing as a head of household generally provides the best bene... Read More »

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Can both divorced parents claim head of household when filing taxes?

Both divorced parents can claim Head of Household when filing taxes, but only if they have more than one child and at least one child lives with each parent more than half of the year.References:Wo... Read More »

What is Head of Household?

Filing federal income taxes and having the proper income taxes withheld is based on multiple factors. One of the primary determinations in the amount of taxes you owe is based on your filing status.

What is a head of household on taxes?

There are five ways that a person can file their United States income tax, one of which is as "head of household." According to the IRS, if a person qualifies for head of household status, their ta... Read More »

What qualifies as head of household?

The Internal Revenue Service permits a taxpayer to file as head of household if she is unmarried and pays 50 percent of more of the costs associated with maintaining a residence for herself and at ... Read More »