Colorado's State Bird and State Flower?

Answer Colorado's official symbols celebrate mountains and plains. In 1933 the state adopted the lark bunting as its official bird. The iconic blue and white columbine, which grows high in the Rocky Moun... Read More »

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Does Hawaii have a state income tax?

Hawaii has a state income tax, with 12 different tax rates for different income levels. The lowest rate is 1.4 percent for income below $2,400 and the highest rate is 11 percent for income over $20... Read More »

When did Hawaii's state quarter come out?

Hawaii's state quarter was released on November 3, 2008. The special design features Hawaii's King Kamehameha I, a map of the islands and the state motto, which translates from Hawaiian to "the lif... Read More »

When did all of the islands of Hawaii become a state?

President Eisenhower signed the Hawaii Statehood Admission Act into law on March 18th 1959, making the archipelago of eight Hawaiian Islands the 50th U.S. state. Hawaii is the newest of the U.S. st... Read More »

Hawaii's State Flower & Tree?

Like other American states, the state of Hawaii has an official state flower and tree--both of which appropriately tropical, although the state symbols have undergone a few changes over the years.