What is having nine babies at one time?

Answer Pain.

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How many babies does an emu have at a time?

Emus lay eggs in a group known as a clutch. A typical clutch can range from 5 to 15 eggs. Each emu can lay up to three clutches per season if the weather is favorable and there is an abundance of f... Read More »

What is 14 babies born at the same time?

What was the most babies ever born at one time?

I've heard of twelve (don't know what that is called) NONE SURVIVED AND WAS NOT HUGE HIT! Answerthe most to survive was 8the most to be inside a womb at once was 15 (none of the 10 girls or 5 boys ... Read More »

How many babies at one time were born?

8 is the record but in 1912 there was a set of 9 babies born all alive but back then there was no medical tech. they sadly died at 2 days of life.. there is also living breathing septuplets.. McCau... Read More »