How to Appreciate Eveything About Harry Potter?

Answer Daniel Radcliffe at opening nightHarry Potter is a book and movie series. As soon as the first book came out in 1998 people started going crazy. All the people who read it couldn't wait to see who ... Read More »

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How to Learn More About Harry Potter Characters?

Ever wanted to know even more about your favourite Harry Potter character than you can get out of the Harry Potter series? Well then this is for you!

How to Write Your Own Book About Harry Potter?

What happens to George Weasley? Do Ginny and Harry live happily eve after or....not? Is Hogwarts being refurbished? Do Harry's kids end up in as much trouble as their father? IT'S YOUR CHOICE!!!!

I have asked and still don't have an answer about story line in Harry Potter film?

There are many plot holes in the Harry Potter movies, don't be surprised if you could find more. There aren't any actions prior to it's importance that suggest that Harry has had the mirror. To ans... Read More »

What harry potter tattoo should i get?

Gosh I bet people dont even read all the question.. Since its something You do Like and Means Something to you i think its pretty cool... hmmmm n e ways gryffindor well Im thinking maybe something... Read More »