What is harmful to plants?

Answer To give a little more information to boiling water vs. microwaving water for watering your plants: Please see related link below.Boiling water, urine, acid,

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Is caffeine harmful to plants?

Are Yucca Plants Harmful to Cats?

As the name suggests, yucca plants are "yucky" for cats. Cats are drawn to eating plants. Unfortunately, cats do not know which plants are toxic. When planting your garden, eliminate the yucca, as ... Read More »

How is Sodium Chloride Harmful to plants?

Sodium chloride (table salt).Adding this to the soil around a plant changes the osmotic potential of the soil around the plant (as well as the pH), preventing the plant from being able to absorb wa... Read More »

Foliage Plants That Are Harmful to Cats?

Foliage plants are plants designed to be enjoyed for their leaves, not their flowers. Used for ground covers, house plants or border designs, these plants provide visual interest but may be harmful... Read More »