What is hard money lending?

Answer Hard money lending is when you obtain financing for property through sources that are not standard. The terms and conditions are not as favorable as those from a financial institution. A hard money... Read More »

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Hard Money Lending Training?

Hard money leaders are real estate loan companies that make loans to borrowers who cannot qualify for loans from banks and traditional lenders. For this reason, the process includes plenty of risks... Read More »

UK: Are banks into lending peeps money at the mo?

They aren't lending very much at all at present due to the credit crunch. Most aren't even lending if you have a good credit rating and pay off all every month and have no arrears on anyth... Read More »

How are people are making money on the internet But I am finding it really hard to make any money!!?

You have to want to earn money first. Keep in mind if you have interest in something odds are someonelse does as well.I'm the founder of BetterMember - I own and operate the website to generate fu... Read More »

What Is the Definition of a Hard Money Lender?

Hard money lending is a form of private lending for residential and commercial real estate. Traditional banks and other lending institutions do not usually engage in hard money lending.FactsHard mo... Read More »