What is hard buildup in a floor drain called?

Answer An accumulation of hard buildup on a floor drain is called mineral buildup. Water, especially hard water, that is left sitting on a drain evaporates and leaves behind small mineral particles that c... Read More »

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How to Lay Ceramic Floor Tile in a Utility Room Floor With a Dished Drain?

Laying a ceramic floor in a utility room that contains a drain is the same process as tiling the floor of the shower. You tile floor all around the drain first, then use a cardboard template to tra... Read More »

How to Lay Ceramic Floor Tile on a Sloped Floor Drain?

When you're tiling a floor with a drain in it (whether it's a shower floor, utility room or other setting) you should first lay out the tile grid as if there isn't a drain there. That way, you can ... Read More »

How do you get rid of sewer odors from sinks i notice it on the first floor sinks and in the basemment. i have a sump pump and floor drain for utility tubs. we changed from septic to sewer 10 yrs ago?

Floor Drain Types?

Floor drains are used to remove excess water from any room in which water may flow along the floor. They can vary greatly, both in terms of the material they are made from and their general design.... Read More »