Is anyone else having problems with Facebook today--if so, what is happening on your end?

Answer i was having problems with mine, i havent been on in a few hours though. The whole screen would be blank and nothing would load

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What's happening to me?

Your neck muscles are tight to cause those problems. The neck muscles can press onto nerves leaving the spine that go to your head/face to cause pains in those areas. Tight neck muscles can restr... Read More »

Can someone tell me what is happening?

You have started your period. You should put a pad on your undies to stop the blood leaking through to your pants. Ask your mum about pads and let her know you have started your period. The cramps ... Read More »

How is this happening?

if you are saying your RAM is changing - make sure all the sticks are plugged in firmly & run memtest.Formatting doesnt have anything to do with RAM though. If you simply formatted your hard drive... Read More »

Do i have an sti wtf is happening?

Hey, sorry to hear about what you've been through. Hope you're going OK.It may be something very minor and more related to hair removal but the only way to get the all important peace of mind is t... Read More »