Why Is This Happening To Me?

Answer you do realise that a doctor would be able to help you more than a stranger would on yahoo but well anyways i think maybe you ate something bad? i dont know but if i was you i would go to the docto... Read More »

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What's happening now?

First of all if a guy piped out you should have yelled rape! Especially is he had his thing out! Also you shouldn't have touch it. My question is this 1 why'd you touch it 2 how old are you3 did yo... Read More »

How is this happening?

if you are saying your RAM is changing - make sure all the sticks are plugged in firmly & run memtest.Formatting doesnt have anything to do with RAM though. If you simply formatted your hard drive... Read More »

Why does this keep happening?

Yeah it's normal. To stop it, you can lose some weight or buy bigger trousers..

Why is this happening HELP!!!!!!!?

Lots of people cannot eat in the mornings.Try Carnations Instant Breakfast. It comes in a bottle, but we like the powdered that comes in a box of packages. Mix one package with 8oz glass of milk.... Read More »