What is happening to me?

Answer Go to the doctor and get vitamin supplements. Do some research because some pills are not absorbed when you eat certain foods.

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What is happening to my pc?

It looks like trojan follow the below steps hope you will fix your problemDisk/repair (Check Disk) (like SFC)Left click on My Computer(open)Right click on "C" or your OS drive if another letter.Lef... Read More »

What is happening to me!?

hehe, don't believe your cursed just bad luck.Iphone - don't believe there is any way to repair a cracked screen besides sending it to manufacturebathroom lights - Best to just hire an electrician,... Read More »

What is happening to my mac?

You need to be a bit more specific about which model of Mac you have. They've made a few generations of white iMacs and a few generations of white MacBooks.Either way it sounds like it's probably a... Read More »

What might be happening to me?

Hello,there could be several reasons for this to occur. First, are you taking any medications? Certain medications or vitamins can cause this to happen. Another reason that can cause this to happen... Read More »