What is happening inside the bipolar brain?

Answer Bipolar disorder is a mental condition characterized by alternating manic and depressive episodes. Exactly what happens inside the brain is unclear, though a dysfunction of certain chemicals in the... Read More »

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Three Main Parts of the Inside of the Brain?

The human brain weighs about three pounds. It is completely contained and protected by the skull and is surrounded and cushioned by the cerebrospinal fluid. The brain is the body's control center,... Read More »

How do I detox the mercury inside the brain& body?

In the past mercury, was used for many things. One way that mercury has been used is in vaccines and dental fillings. This mercury can build up in the body over time, causing metal poisoning and ot... Read More »

What does really happen inside the brain and body while smoking a cigarette or hookah?

I may want to google it or read a book about it.

If ultrasound scans can see inside baby's heart and brain, why can't they tell the sex if baby's legs crossed?

Omg I dont know!!! Shall ask my physicsy husband....He says: coz ultrasound see surfaces that are surrounded by liquids. When the legs are crossed there is too much skin together and not enough liq... Read More »