What is happening in pediatrician right now?

Answer hi im in the same position as u but i am probibly a lot younger i am 12 years old and 2 months pregnant i havent grown alot yet but showing a bit my mam and dad think im just gaining weight and i t... Read More »

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Do Americans have the right to know What is happening with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Sure they do but the government won't let right, 'cause if they did a lot of things would change.

Odd things happening finger tip on right hand.. help?

What is the job description of a pediatrician?

Pediatricians are doctors who treat children from infancy to adulthood. A pediatrician specializes in childhood conditions and treatments, staying abreast of advances in child-related illnesses.Adm... Read More »

At what age can a pediatrician be seen?

A paediatrician is a child specialist, and can be consulted from birth to adolescence.