What is happening in operator network while making a call in traveling time?

Answer NO

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What is the telephone number to call to sign up for Dish Network for the first time?

You can call the telephone number1-866-943-9001 to sign up for Dish Network the first time.

If a 911 operator has a heart attack, whom does he/she call?

It is all done by a automatic SYSTEM if a 911 operator does not speak into his/her microphone after 60 sec a call comes in to the 911 center and shows on the screen who has stop working then the su... Read More »

My hard drive is making a high pitched buzz/screech. What's happening What do I do?

You've got bearings out on something.As you're saying a powerbar, there's a good shot that it's actually in your 12V atx or similar power supply. Next culprit would be a cpu fan, and finally, i'ld... Read More »

Can I call 411, 555-1212, and other Directory Assistance or operator-assisted numbers?

Yes, you CAN call Directory Assistance by dialing any area code in the U.S., followed by 555-1212. But Yahoo system won’t accept 411 for Directory Assistance And dialing “0” to make an operat... Read More »