Where can i have my hair made into wig?

Answer Here's a site that makes wigs from your own hair: It's pretty expensive . . . thousands of dollars. Your aunt's hair loss is temporary. Many times, women choose n... Read More »

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How to Get Hair Made Into a Wig?

Early wigs were made with goatskin that functioned as a surrogate scalp for poking hair through with an embroidery needle. Today we use other materials but still use the tried-and-true method of ty... Read More »

How is Hair Dye Made?

Owners of the 2002 Honda CR-V have reported that the driver's power seat rocks back and forth while driving. The rocking can present an unsafe environment for cautious drivers. Learn how to stop th... Read More »

What is hair gel made of?

Hair gel or styling gel is a popular product used to control and style hair. Hair gel is primarily made from water and various levels of polymers, plasticizers, perfumes, glistening agents and colo... Read More »

What Is a Hair Weave Made Of?

Hair weaves are a quick (though expensive) way to get thicker, longer hair. The new hair, be it human, synthetic or animal, is sewn together in a strip called a "weft." These wefts are then attache... Read More »