What is grown in paddy field?

Answer Normally it is rice. The Lighter Side Irishmen.

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Where is paddy grown?

Actually paddy is a monsoon crop, so it is mostly cultivated in monsoon regions of China, India and Bangladesh.

What is paddy field?

A paddy field is a flooded parcel of arable land used for growing rice and other semiaquatic crops. Rice can also be grown in dry-fields, but from the twentieth century paddy field agriculture beca... Read More »

How to Get Started in the Production of Field Grown Cut Flowers?

When planning the production of field-grown cut flowers, you must be a good farmer as well as a savvy business person. You will be competing with wholesale flower growers that have the best biologi... Read More »

What is the nutritional difference between hydroponically grown wheatgrass and tray grown in soil?

There have been over 3,800 nutrients identified in living foods and likely many more that we still know nothing about. Interestingly, there are no tests for any food product that go into this level... Read More »