What is growing plants in just sand called?

Answer Perhaps the thinking here is that sand has no nutritional value and the plant is going to be fed via a solution containing everything the plant could need. The idea is hydroponics, and the media is... Read More »

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My elephant ear plants are not growing good and some of them have yellow leaves. i got the plants at walmart?

they should be fine just plant them in partial shade/sun and water a little more than usual and the plants will become green again

What plants will grow in sand?

Examples include Chamomiles, sages, tulips, daffodils, burning bushes, bee balms (in shade), daisies, clematis (in the shade), cacti, carrots, radishes, garlic, strawberries, blueberries, hostas, p... Read More »

What is adding sand or soil to a new location called?

What are some fast growing plants?

Marigolds, sunflowers, begonias, bulb plants like lilies. I can't think of much of anything else. You could cheat. Go to a nursery and buy seedlings and a bigger plant of the same kind and then... Read More »