What is "grouply" and is it identity theft?

Answer Grouply is under serious scrutiny (appalled scrutiny) by YahooGroups list owners for a wide variety of security and list violation reasons. (I know, I'm one of them and am involved in the discussi... Read More »

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What is the difference between credit card theft and identity theft?

In recent years, stricter regulations have been placed on credit card usage, and more people are becoming victims of identity theft. While both place the victim in financial danger, the situations... Read More »

I'm a victim of identity theft what can I do?

This is really really bad! I don't really know if there's anything that you can do without sending your mom to jail. Boy, you got yourself in a pickle. I was reading about identity thefts in a book... Read More »

What is financial identity theft?

The root of financial identity theft is when someone steals another person's information such as name, address and Social Security number. These data are then used to impersonate the victim to exec... Read More »

What is identity theft fraud?

Identity theft fraud is a crime where a person obtains another's personal data and uses it without permission in a way that involves deception. Personal data is often used in criminal circumstance... Read More »