What is a grounding device?

Answer what the hell is a grounding device?Any device that allows you to affix a ground wire to the mechanical enclosure that the conductors are in. eg. Ground lugs, ground screw in an electrical box.

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What does grounding the putter mean?

"Grounding the putter" means placing the putter flush with the ground in order to align the stroke. After a golfer does this, he is considered to have "addressed" the ball and can be penalized if t... Read More »

What Is the Maximum Grounding Wire Size for TV Cable?

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How to Prepare For a Grounding?

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How to Use Grounding Star Washers?

Proper grounding keeps electrical systems operating correctly. When a ground wire or cable loosens from a grounding point, the electrical system loses grounding. This can result in equipment damage... Read More »