What is green onyx?

Answer Green onyx is a general name for several different types of green gemlike stone that may or may not closely resemble the banded pattern of true onyx. It is prized for its warm, attractive and decor... Read More »

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What does onyx mean biblically?

The meaning of onyx is "nail." It was mentioned several times in the Old Testament of the Bible, even as early as the book of Genesis. In the Book of Exodus, the onyx itself was found on the Breast... Read More »

How to Cut Onyx Tile?

Onyx tile is a great way to add beauty, style, and light to any tile application. While onyx is a marble, it is also extremely fragile and may be reinforced on the back with fiberglass resin. Due t... Read More »

Where does black onyx come from?

Black onyx is a mineral popular for jewelry uses found worldwide. The main mining locations are in Brazil, India, Uruguay and California. The mines in Brazil produce onyx of the highest quality.Sou... Read More »

Where is black onyx found?

Black onyx is a stone that's typically found with white bands running through it, so jewelers dye it to be uniformly black. Onyx is found almost everywhere in the world, but it is mined primarily i... Read More »