What is green coffee?

Answer Coffee importers, roasters and others in the coffee industry refer to unroasted coffee beans as green coffee beans, or sometimes just as green coffee. Green coffee is about halfway through the proc... Read More »

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What is green coffee And what makes it better than the usual coffee?

Green coffee refers to coffee produced from coffee beans that have not been roasted. If ground and brewed, green coffee beans have very little taste, although they are utilized in some forms of tra... Read More »

How much brewable coffee do you get out of green coffee?

According to Seven Bridges Cooperative, green coffee loses an average of 18 percent weight and gains 50 to 100 percent in volume upon roasting. That will mean you'll need to account for the 18 perc... Read More »

Which one do you like the best Green Tea or Coffee?

Green Tea all the way. It works wonders on your skin as well as boosting your mood. You dont gain much weight from it,it increases your metabolism and you flush out the bad stuff in you. It doesnt ... Read More »

How much caffeine is in green tea vs. coffee?

The amount of caffeine depends on serving size but a 5 oz. serving of coffee contains an average of 80 mg or 16 mg per ounce. One tea bag of green tea in 8 oz. of water contains an average of 20 mg... Read More »