What is green Depression glass?

Answer Depression glass has become highly collectible, with rare pieces selling for thousands of dollars. Many collectors concentrate on collecting pieces or sets of one color. Besides green, Depression ... Read More »

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Green Depression Glass Identification?

Depression glassware is a machine-pressed product that was mass produced for sale in five and dime stores at extremely low prices. In the world of collecting Depression glass, green is the overwhel... Read More »

How to Buy Depression Glass?

During the years of the Great Depression in the United States, many glass manufacturers produced glassware that became known as Depression glass. All types of glass items, such as plates, vases, gl... Read More »

Does depression glass contain lead?

Higher quality, depression-era crystal contained no more than 24 percent lead oxide in the formula. Due to the high temperatures involved when the glass materials were melted, the lead became part ... Read More »

Does Stag& Holly depression glass come in blue?

The Fenton Co. produced the Stag and Holly Carnival glass pattern in the early 1900s. It is characterized by an iridescent surface which makes the glass appears to have a rainbow effect on the surf... Read More »