What is granule cat& dog repellent?

Answer Granule cat and dog repellent is a nontoxic substance that emits an odor to discourage animals from urinating or defecating in an area.GranuleThe granules contain methyl nonyl ketone, which is a oi... Read More »

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What is dog repellent?

Many dog repellents are on the market, and they have a variety of uses. Dog repellents can be natural, chemical, sprays, powders or electronic. These products are designed to be nontoxic and safe t... Read More »

What is a natural cat repellent?

Natural cat repellents can be made of ingredients as simple as tap water or orange peels and contain no chemicals that can harm the cat. Methods ranging from the scent of citrus to a motion sensor ... Read More »

What is a good dog repellent?

On One Hand: Chili PowderAccording to Gardening Know How, chili powder is one of the most effective dog repellents. It is the most common ingredient in commercial dog repellents. You can sprinkle i... Read More »

What is a good bat repellent?

On One Hand: Repelling From BuildingsAccording to The Best Control, the most effective way to repel bats is to seal all openings in a roof larger than 3/8-inch with netting or sheet metal. The best... Read More »