What is granule cat& dog repellent?

Answer Granule cat and dog repellent is a nontoxic substance that emits an odor to discourage animals from urinating or defecating in an area.GranuleThe granules contain methyl nonyl ketone, which is a oi... Read More »

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What is dog repellent?

Many dog repellents are on the market, and they have a variety of uses. Dog repellents can be natural, chemical, sprays, powders or electronic. These products are designed to be nontoxic and safe t... Read More »

Pet-Friendly Red Ant Repellent?

With more than 12,000 species of ants in the world, it's no wonder a few of them make it into your gardens and your home. While ants serve a vital role in the biodiversity of the planet, they are m... Read More »

DIY Critter Repellent?

Critters can be cute and cuddly-looking, which can be deceptive. They are often quite destructive and can wreak havoc in gardens and elsewhere. Skunks, raccoons, rabbits, groundhogs, moles and even... Read More »

What is a frog repellent?

A frog repellent is a product that deters frogs from congregating in certain areas such as garden ponds or trees. It may be chemically based or not. Natural items such as salt and warm water can al... Read More »