How to Make a Gradient in Paint.Net With the Gradient Tool?

Answer There is always more than one way to skin a cat and that saying really goes with gradients. To make a gradient using the gradient tool, makes it a little fun as well.

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What Is a Diffusion Gradient?

Diffusion, also known as migration, is the scientific name for the intermingling, or mixing, of the atoms, molecules or ions of two different substances in contact with each other. The substances c... Read More »

What is a salinity gradient map?

Just breaking down the words, here's a reasonable guess. Salinity is having salts. Gradient is different amounts. A map would show you where. So I guess you are looking at where the greatest amount... Read More »

What is a proton gradient?

The proton gradient, a crucial energy source for atp synthesis, is created by the existence of a proton difference between the protons inside and outside the inner membrane of a mitochondrial cell.... Read More »

What does concentration gradient mean?

A concentration gradient refers to the difference in the concentration of a solution. An example of a concentration gradient exists inside a cell and outside the plasma membrane. Inside the cell, a... Read More »