What is gothic jewelry?

Answer When dressing the part of a gothic person, having the right accessories is key. Knowing what defines gothic jewelry can help you pull together a complete gothic look. Gothic jewelry consists mainly... Read More »

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How to Get a Gothic Guy to Like You If You're Not Gothic?

Have you ever had that crush on the guy in the corner, the one who is dark and mysterious? You want to approach him but looking down at your pink ballet flats and white lacy skirt, you realise that... Read More »

What kind of gothic style am I?

i don't really like labels, but since you asked.. in my oh so humble opinion, i'd go with trad (traditional goth) with is quite similar to punk, or fetish goth.

What Are the Principal Features of the Gothic Cathedral?

Cathedrals such as those in Florence, Reims, Barcelona, Canterbury and Strasburg provide fine examples of Gothic architecture. Castles, civic buildings, residences and other structures were built i... Read More »

What areas in Los Angeles, CA can I find gothic people?